The experience of enjoying

  • expérience congèle Freeze your pack
    at least for 6 hours
  • expérience malaxe Squeeze
  • expérience déguste Enjoy

The range frozen club

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The most famous Cuban cocktail in a frozen way, with refreshing lime and green mint flavours

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The reference of mexican cocktails granita version. The unique taste of lime and orange peels with intense flavor of tequila

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Piña coladaflavour

All Puerto Rico flavours gathered in a delicious granita cocktail that associate sweetness of pineapple, coco and white rhum.

Let's also discover the soft range Graniway and shake your cocktails

Use the soft Graniway range as a base to create your own cocktails.

shake packs shake packs Discover
the range
  • 1 Freeze your Graniway
    pack as basis for your cocktail
  • 2 when out of the freezer
    squeeze the pouch
  • 3 Mix all ingredients
    for your cocktail
  • 4 Shake
    your preparation
  • 5 serve
    & enjoy
shake cocktails

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